Conferences are the speeches that take place as a result of an organization. The 5 articles of the Travel Agencies Regulation list the organization of congress and conference events among the duties of travel agencies. There are three phases of a congress in the Firuzen organization. Pre-conference, During and Post-conference Visual materials come first in the Pre-conference Preparations. Visual Preparations; poster design, announcement design, design of other printed materials. The process of registering the participants of the conference and giving them a valid name badge is also within the scope of the Firuzen organization. Spatial Preparations; determining the conference area, determining the hotel or hotels close to the conference venue. It is the process of determining how the tea / coffee and meal breaks, welcome cocktails and gala dinners will be. Finally, Conference or Congress Closing; Certification to participants, giving plaques to supporting sponsors and organizations, transferring those who leave.


Seminars are organized mainly for educational purposes. Organizing seminars includes speakers and audiences interested in information. In addition to knowledge and experience, professional communication is also created in the process. The difficulties of organizing a seminar depend on the importance of the event and the intended tasks. Even a small corporate seminar can produce great results. The organization of the seminar includes venue search, design development, advertising support, technical equipment and much more. As Firuzen Turizm, we provide services with expert staff in the field for the creation and organization of seminars and conferences. These business events require a professional approach. We use an integrated approach for seminars. The organization of our business activities under the umbrella of Firuzen tourism organization includes the following steps: making the program, taking into account the budget, selecting the event venue, ordering and decoration, determining the meeting and accommodation areas, installation, configuration and maintenance of the equipment, working on the creation of the necessary printing products, an entertainment show. scheduling and organizing, registration of attendees, providing snacks for the event, organizing business lunches and coffee breaks.